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Bài viết mẫu IELTS – Air travel pollution – IELTS Task 2: Environment

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Bài viết mẫu IELTSAir travel pollution – IELTS Task 2: Environment

Air travel produces 3-5% of the carbon dioxide released in to the atmosphere, and is predicted to become the world’s largest cause of environmental damage and global warming. Governments around the world plan to increase the cost of flying to encourage people to fly less. To what extent do you agree with the governments’ plan?

Aero planes cause up to 5 per cent of the global amount of carbon dioxide, which damages the ozone layer. This has led the government to try to decrease the amount of air travel by increasing its cost. I think there are both disadvantages and advantages to the government’s plans.

I will begin with the disadvantages. Because of the popularity of flying, airports are getting bigger. My local airport, for example, has doubled in size over five years. The expansion of airport creates jobs. If the number of passengers decreases, jobs may be last. Another disadvantage is the negative impact that decreased travel will have on business. Business nowadays is global and people fly in order to make deals. If this isn’t possible because flying gets too expensive, it may have a negative impact on the economy, although with the Internet, it’s sometimes possible to do business online.

There is one major advantage to fewer people flying; it will help to save the environment. If we can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, global warming will slow down. There will also be less danger of our natural environment being damaged by the building of new reads and runways. If fewer people fly, it also may mean that the national tourist trade benefits.

Overall, I think that the advantages of raising the cost of air travel outweigh the disadvantages. We need to find a way of saving the environment and reducing air travel would do this both globally and locally. It may also benefit our national economy. Although sectors of business may suffer, business can be done over the Internet.

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