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Bài viết mẫu IELTS – Early vs recent technological developments – IELTS Task 2: Society

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Bài viết mẫu IELTSEarly vs recent technological developments – IELTS Task 2: Society

Early technological developments brought more benefits and changes to the lives of ordinary people than recent technological developments. What is your opinion?

Model answer 1

There is a hot discussion whether early or recent technological developments are more convenient for people. Different people have different thinking. From my point of view, both past and present technologies bring people ordinary-live more comfortable and fast-paced.

Firstly, they were the turning point of industrial era from agriculture era. In 19th century, the industrial revolution broke up, thus new necessities were produced by workers. For instance, the phone which was invented by Bill Brother, the airplane which was produced by the Brother Wright and others changed human life for a long time. People got rid of traditional thinking of working.

Secondly, the later technology development is important, too. Such as, the computers could be used among many fields. According to recent statistics by China Information Weekly, the utility rate of computer usage rose 15 percent from 2006 to 2007, which is an obvious benefit from technology. The daily lives become more colourful and easy.

Lastly, nothing is in the air; the 20 century is on the base of the 19th century industry that the technology developments connect closely. For example, from phone to cell-phone, people investigate new things with time passing and people’s demand. There are 80 percent pf people who use mobile phone instead of phone; the figures are indicated by China Daily. Furthermore, the form of cell-phone extend from 1G to 3G which combine the knowledge of predecessors.
All in all, both changes of development of past and present have been beneficial to human society as discussed, resulting in the conclusion that they should link up together to make a high-speed development of people-daily-live.

Model answer 2

It is no exaggerated to say that all ordinary people have been living by technology, for worse or for better. Therefore, to list the functions of technology today and yesterday might be interesting and meaningful us to find the right direction in the future. Personally, I am convinced that both early and recent technology developments play indispensable and positive part in human being civilisation evolution as discussed below.

First, the early technology advances served a turning point from the agriculture era to industrial one. This change had greatly enhanced people’s living through-the 19th to 20th century. The innovations, for instance, turbine engine, motor vehicle, jet, telephone and telegraph had built up vital, sound and necessary foundation for modern society, thus making people free from nature interfering

Second, later technology advances are built on the base of the formal one transforming the conventional manufacturing into information epoch, i.e. knowledge-based economy. As it is well-known that conputer and internet, the symbol of IT age, has changed the way of living, working and entertainment for mankind completely. Moreover, information technology, in turn, has developed as successful tool allowing scientists to explore and combat all unknown mysteries, such as, the origin of human or the other planets in the out-space. It is never overestimated about the influences od those advances, as said by, a leading professor in Shenzhen.

Inevitably, the science and technology, bred in two centuries, has jointly built the most gorgeous and splendid achievements to parade human being’s victory. None of the two stages is more important than another in our evolution history, However, what we must do is to avoid over-relying on technology while enjoying the benefits, as green – groups have warned for the danger of “ecosystem-deficit”.
In conclusion, the above major compelling facts demonstrate why human beings are beneficiaries by the technology developed in the last 200 years, though there are some other minors.

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