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Bài viết mẫu IELTS – Environmental issues due to techlonogical development – IELTS Task 2: Environment

Techlonogical development leads to lots of environmental issues. Some people think a simple life style can preserve environment while others argue that technology itself can solve it. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

As the symbol of 215t century, white-hot technology has transformed nearly every aspect of our life, such as communications, traffic, and housing. Environmental pollution, however, haunts technological advance up until now. Greenhouse gas emissions from private cars, poisonous pollutants from modern factories, and even noise pollution from air flights have promoted us to suspect whether we have paid too much for what we have already obtained.

On the one hand, if less technological applications in our life are harnessed, environmental pollution will be alleviated. There is no doubt that our life becomes more comfortable and convenient with the help advanced technologies, for example, private cars and air planes, facilitating travel substantially and enhancing our working efficiency considerably. Living in one country while working in another turns out to be a common practice for employees in some multinational companies. Nevertheless, from the perspectives of climate change and noise pollution, cars and planes are the main culprit. If we can live a simple life without those conveniences, then it is greatly conducive to safeguarding our surroundings.

On the other hand, with the development of technology, the harms caused will be naturally lessened. More countries begin to realize that a deteriorating environment accompanies a comprehensive growth in people’s living standards and hinders further economic development. If the local environment is in a mess, no other countries will be willing to invest there, so harmonious surroundings are the foundation for a sound development of a country. Under such circumstances, green technology is the future direction for every country, and the balance between technology and environment is the top priority for national policy. As for me, however, I doubt that technological leap can be really compatible with the environment, and, honestly, the possibility is slim.
Taking into account our fragile environment, I hope that our life can return to nature and every one of us drives less, away from those modern inventions detrimental to environment. After all, it is easy to pollute while formidable to improve

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