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Bài viết mẫu IELTS – How paper is produced and recycled – IELTS Task 1: Process

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Bài viết mẫu IELTSHow paper is produced and recycled – IELTS Task 1: Process

The diagram illustrates how paper is produced and how used paper can be recycled for reuse. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparation where relevant.

First, timber is taken from forests and is transported to a facility where the bark is removed from the wood and the wood is fed into a chipping machine.

After chipping, the raw material is pulped, either using a mechanical pulping process or using a chemical pulping process. Next, the pulp goes into a machine called a hydrapulper. Following this stage, the pulp is mixed with chemicals and additives in a blend cheat. It then goes through a refining process and, afterwards, is screened and cleaned, before moving on to a papermaking machine where it is made into paper of various types.
After the paper has been used by offices, retailers and households, it can be recovered and recycled. Recovered paper first goes into a hydrapulper, though not the same machine as pulp from fresh wood. Then the pulp moves on to a de-inking cell. From there, it goes to a blend cheat, where it can be mixed with pulp from fresh wood, as well as with chemicals and additives.

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Đăng ký bộ dự đoán đề thi IELTS, Sách/tài liệu IELTS: LINK ĐĂNG KÝ

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