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Bài viết mẫu IELTS – How to recycle organic waste to produce garden fertiliser – IELTS Task 1: Process

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Bài viết mẫu IELTSHow to recycle organic waste to produce garden fertiliser – IELTS Task 1: Process

The diagram below shows a process that organic waste turn into garden fertiliser. Write a report for a university teacher describing the information shown below.

Model answer 1

The diagram shows how to recycle organic waste to produce garden fertiliser.

First, we can see there is a plastic container. The air can come into it. Then, the waste is put into this plastic container, such as food, grass and newspapers when food and grass take 15cm each. In the third step, nitrogen and hot water are added on the waste in the container. In the fourth container, we can see the heat coming from the bottom. After 6 months the compost is ready to be used for garden.Thus, the process indicates how waste turns into garden fertiliser.

Model answer 2

The sketched drawing below illustrates a process how organic waste is turned into useful fertiliser for gardening.

The operation goes in four stages according to the information shown in the diagram. First. there should be a plastic container with 2 cubic metres in capacity and four air inlets on walls allowing air to penetrate. ln stage one, daily waste is fed into the container alternatively, food, grass, then newspapers, with 15 centimetres for each layer. ln stage two, nitrogen and hot water (cold water is not permitted) are injected in. In stage three, the container is heated and kept being heated for six months, permitting all the wastes inside the container ho ferment thoroughly under the catalyst of gas-heat-mixture. Consequently, in the stage four, the stored compost-green fertiliser-is formed and ready to go for gardening.
ln brief, the scheme of organic fertiliser production has been described above clearly.

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