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Bài viết mẫu IELTS – Media restriction due to bad influences – IELTS Task 2: Society

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Bài viết mẫu IELTSMedia restriction due to bad influences – IELTS Task 2: Society

Some people think that the detailed criminal description on newspaper and TV has bad influences, so this kind of information shhould be resttricted on the media. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Whenever we turn on TV or read a newspaper, more often than not we can read a lengthy description of atrocious crime, which has become so-called features of modern media. I, as one of common readers, advocate the proposal that such reports should be strictly controlled, if not abolished.

Alarmingly, those criminal descriptions wield adverse influence on audience, especially fragile youngsters. Due to vulnerable mentality and lack of ample experience, upon contacting violent programmes, those kids are tempted to follow suit, thus breaking the law and such juvenile delinquencies are too often to be ignored. If this trend is out of control, then more teenagers will fall victim to those evil reports.

Moreover, numerous would-be criminals can learn skills of committing crimes from similar cases, also the police find it more formidable to crack down on crimes efficiently. Although the original purpose of crime description is to warn people against offenses and teach them valuable lessons, the fact is that there, indeed, exists a discrepancy between what is desired and what is achieved. The latest research reveals that some habitual law-breakers have access to criminal skills and even the police’s detective methods from TV programmes and newspaper stories about crimes. By contrast, if we restrict strictly the programmes of tackling criminal cases, the ways employed by the police to combat crimes win be kept as the top secret, and it is out of the question to be disclosed to the public, especially those potential offenders.

Granted, criminal content, which is not a usual experience for common, can enhance. the TV rating substantially. Satisfying people’s curiosity and adding varieties to choices, those programmes can always attract more audience. As for me, however, the overwhelming detriments have overshadowed whatever benefits.
Overall, no matter what excuse media can find for detailed criminal description, there should be a strict regulation to limit such broadcasting. Government and relevant organisations should co-operate fully, guaranteeing healthier circumstances.

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