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Bài viết mẫu IELTS – Proportion of household type living in poverty – IELTS Task 1: Single

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Bài viết mẫu IELTSProportion of household type living in poverty – IELTS Task 1: Single

The table below shows the proportion of different categories of families living in poverty in Australia in 1999. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparation where relevant.

The table chart unfolds the different percentages of Australian families living under the poverty line in 1999. Those families include single aged person, aged couple, single family without children, couple without children, sole parent, and couple with children.

Generally speaking, among these six family types, there was only 12% (1,833,000) living in poor conditions. In detail, we can know that single families without children and sold-parent families shared almost the same percentages of 19% (369,000) and 21% (242,000), far more than that of aged couple of 4% (58,000). The percentage of single aged person was approximately equivalent to that of couple with children, respectively 8% (51,000) and 7% (212,000). Finally, the situation of the family of couple with children (13%) was slightly higher than that of the average (12%).
Base on the statistics, a possible explanation for this consequence revealed in the diagram is that perhaps with the help of increasingly sound pension system, old people in aged-couple families enjoy the higher living standards compared with other types of families.

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