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Bài viết mẫu IELTS – Students’ opinions of their teachers – IELTS Task 2: Education

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Bài viết mẫu IELTSStudents’ opinions of their teachers – IELTS Task 2: Education

Some people think that, in order to improve the quality of education, students should be encouraged to evaluate and criticize their tearchers. Others feel that this will result in a loss of respect and discipline in the classroom. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

In many universities, students are asked to evaluate their teachers after each course. Some people believe the system has many advantages to the students and the teachers. Others argue that it would lead to poor discipline in the classroom. Indeed, evaluation of their teachers by students has both pros and cons.

There are many drawbacks in student assessment. First of all, students are very young and, compared with their teachers, are less knowledgeable both in theory and practice on a subject. Therefore, they are unable to evaluate their teachers’ performance in a sound way. Secondly, student assessment would lead to poor discipline in the classroom. If each of the students is allowed to decide on what, how and when to learn, classroom management would become impossible. Thirdly, in order to gain a better evaluation, teachers would seek to please each of the students by lowering the study requirements. This would do harm to students’ academic performance in the long run.

However, advocates of student assessment have their reasons. Firstly, this kind of feedback can be used to improve teachers’ performance. Teaching methods can only be successful if they are student-centered. Therefore, listening to the students’ constructive suggestions, teachers will have a better idea of what students’ needs are and can then adjust their teaching to meet them. Secondly, the process of writing evaluations will help the students think in their own way independently. Students should be encouraged to learn by even challenging their teachers’ thinking. Thirdly, the matter could be considered in a commercial way. Teachers are those who provide paid educational services while students, paying for their education, are customers. In this way, it can be fully justified that students have the right to evaluate the services they receive.
In my own opinion, student evaluations of teachers would be beneficial to both teachers and students. Teachers can adjust their teaching according to the information they obtain from the evaluation. Students’ ability of independent thinking and learning can be greatly improved. Moreover, the practice is the outcome of market economy. Students have rights to evaluate their teachers.

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