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Bài viết mẫu IELTS – Support for the poor countries – IELTS Task 2: Economy

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Bài viết mẫu IELTSSupport for the poor countries – IELTS Task 2: Economy

Some rich countries provide financial support to the poor countries, but some other people claim that they should provide some other types of help to those poor countries. To what extent you agree or disagree?

Model answer 1

The argument that the developed countries should provide financial aid or some other types of helps to the developing countries has been raised. Different people have different opinions. As far as I am concerned, I think that is impossible to just support money simply, what the rich countries should do is to support both money and some other kinds of helps to the nations in poor.

In the first place, it is undeniable that money plays a top priority in driving up the economy in those destitute countries, in a conventional sense. Those who live in the poor conditions need money to hold up some kinds of industries or consume, and these industries and consumptions are the essential energy in stimulating the economy.

In the second place, providing some other kinds of help like educational support (books, teachers…) and goods (clothes, electrical equipment…) is also necessary to the developments of those nations. As we know, the educational support which aims to make those residences in poor countries advanced is significant to keep the relevant countries in developing.

However, the donation to those developing area would probably be granted by the relevant governmental officials. Besides, a great deal of those countries complains that the most goods they received had been destroyed and useless. So it would be better to set up an organisation to supervise the donations from the rich areas so as to guarantee whether the donations are used efficiently or not.
In conclusion, as the factors I mentioned above, both financial aid and other kinds of supports are significant to promote those poor countries’ developments… So it is good to provide various kinds of help (not just money) to those improvised areas.

Model answer 2

Monetary aid to developing countries is often seen these days but with insignificant effect. Inevitably, doubt has arisen: there must be some “portfolio” of international help. For my perspective, it is verifiable that the beneficiary-nation would gain more if decision makers deliver a comprehensive package of international helps including money as analyzed.

There is certainly no denying that fund granted, either interest-free loan or charitable contributions, may do a lot, first. In a conventional sense, the function of the former is to build up fundamental industries. For instance, mining industry makes local mineral resources available for basic construction, iron and steel manufacturing for transportation or building, when light industries for daily necessities, upon all of which a poorer nation stands to be an economically independent one. Regarding the latter, money is spent on rescue materials, such as medicine, food or tent shipped for the tsunami in Indonesia.

From the other side, affirmation of financial help should not overshadow other approaches which enjoy similar importance in the course. Professional advices, for example, are much needed simultaneously in executive administration and technology management. Only then can new production lines operate properly to their full capacity, proved by many cases involving in international tech-cooperation. Hence, education, both compulsory and working skill training, should not be dismissed from the aids-combination if the affluent countries help the poor truly.

In response to the efficiency of international assistance, it is highly suggested that auditing system by the third independent party be established to watch proper placement of the fund and advices, avoiding abuse and corruption.
In a nutshell, the abovementioned evidences, for a better and efficient operation of international efforts to support a country in poverty, have revealed the reasons why money and professional advices should be provided together.

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