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Bài viết mẫu IELTS – The cement-making process – IELTS Task 1: Process

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Bài viết mẫu IELTSThe cement-making process – IELTS Task 1: Process

The diagrams below show the stages and equipment used in the cement-making process, and how cement is used to produce concrete for building purposes. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparation where relevant.

The diagrams show the processes and the equipment used to make cement, and how these are used to produce concrete for building purpose.

The first step in the cement productions is to introduce limestone clay. These materials pass through a crusher that produces a power. Then this powder goes into a mixer. After this, the product passes to a rotating heater which works with heat. Afterwards, the mixture goes into a grinder where the cement comes out. At the end of the process, the cement is packed in bags.

Referring to the concert production, the process begins with a combination of 15% cement, 10% water, 25% and sand 50% gravel. These four elements are introduced into a concrete mixer.

As mentioned above, the concrete production takes fewer steps that the cement production, however, it is necessary to use more materials than the latter process in order to obtain the final product.
The last difference between both processes is that the concrete mixer does not work with heat.

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