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Bài viết mẫu IELTS – The Western diet – IELTS Task 2: Economy

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Bài viết mẫu IELTSThe Western diet – IELTS Task 2: Economy

Some people claim that what people eat in many Western countries is unhealty and that their diet is getting worse. Critics say these countries should change their diet. What are your opinions on this?

The Western diet has received a lot of criticism in newspaper reports over the last few years, principally because people in the West appear to be gaining weight and this is believed to cause health problems.

A typical Western diet consists of large amounts of meat and processed food and this is especially true in USA and UK. At the same time, there are report that people in these countries are getting fatter with obesity now becoming a major problem. For this reason, it would seem sensible for people in these countries to change their diet. They should perhaps look at countries which do not have these problems and try to copy their diets. The food industry in USA and UK makes a lot of money from advertising processed and pre-prepared foods. In addition, fast food chains such as McDonalds are very popular.

Having said that, it should be remembered that the West also includes countries, like Spain, Italy and France, which do not have these problems. These countries tend to follow a Mediterranean diet with a lot of fruit and vegetables and fresh ingredients. The diet in these countries is generally considered be good for your health so we should not categorise all Western diets together.

For health reasons alone, I think people in the USA and UK should consider their diet carefully and perhaps the best solution is for them to alter their diet to make it more like the Spanish or Italian diet. Whatever changes they make, they should definitely make a change. However, it should be remembered that these changes do not apply to all Western countries, only ones which currently have problems with obesity.

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