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Question: Children find it difficult to concentrate on or pay attention to their studies in school. What are the reasons? How can we solve this problem?

Free IELTS Writing Sample – Bài mẫu band 9

Nowadays, children are increasingly suffering from their studies as a result of the lack of focusing on the study, and there has been an unprecedented increase in the number of children who have felt under pressure. This essay will first outline the problems connected to the shortage of concentration in children learning, and then it suggests some logical solutions to these problems.

First, children are studying longer hours than ever before. In addition, they have more homework-subject pressures after school. The main reason for these problems is that parents and teachers placed children under these unfavorable situations because getting a higher score is one of the compulsory responsibilities that they have to do. For example, according to a survey from the BBC news, on average, a Vietnamese child often spends 12 hours to attend in-class activities, and 3 hours to do homework at home. This often results in mental and physical suffering because they have to study over time and not take outdoor activities with their friends after school.

Second, maintaining study-life balance and improving a healthy diet are both critical to boosting concentration. Indeed, parents need to realize that if they force their children to study so many hours at home, children will suffer from mentally and physically, and a poor diet will further make these problems to become worse. For instance, more children burn out from studying and they tend to feel sleepier in-classroom time. Moreover, they continue to have to study at home because of the rules of their parents after school. As a result, they do not adequate time to participate in a lot of interesting outdoor activities like swimming or dancing. Therefore, in order to encourage children to pay more attention to studying in school should make an excellent plan with a better ratio of rest, recreation, and eating more healthier for children at home.

In conclusion, in today’s fast-paced world, more and more children are becoming a lack of paying attention to studying as a result of stress and a shortage of time for leisure. The solutions to these problems are twofold: to balance life and studying and to improve the ways of eating more healthier.

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