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Tham khảo bài viết mẫu IELTS Writing Task 1 – Multiple charts band điểm cao giúp người học có cái nhìn chi tiết hơn về độ khó của đề thi kỹ năng Viết, nâng cao kĩ năng writing trong thời gian ngắn.

The charts show average levels of participation in education and the highest education level of adults from 2000 to 2010 in Singapore.

Bài mẫu

The bar chart illustrates the average number of years males and females attended school, while the pie charts present the different levels of education achieved by adults in Singapore in 2000 and 2010.

Overall, there was an increase in the number of years, for both males and females, that were spent on education. It can also be seen that the figure for males was slightly higher over the period shown. Additionally, the level of education people was attaining had increased over the period.

As can be seen from the bar chart, in 2000, male citizens attended school for an average of 8.9 years, which rose considerably to just under 12 years in 2010. In contrast, the number of years females attended school in 2000 was only 8. This figure remained unchanged until 2008, and then rose to 8.9 years in 2010.

According to the pie charts, in 2000, almost one-third of Singapore’s population finished high school. The figures for those who only finished primary and secondary school were quite high, at approximately 26% each, compared to less than 10% of Singaporeans who had gained a bachelor’s or master’s degree. However, the level of education people was attaining had increased over the ten-year period, with nearly two-thirds of the population obtaining a university degree, and only 2.1% leaving after primary school.


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Estimated Band Score: 8.0

TA 9.0 – CC 8.0 – LR 7.0 – GRA 8.0

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