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Câu hỏi: New technologies have changed the way children spend their free time. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Bài mẫu:

It is true that many children now spend much of their spare time playing with the latest technological devices. Despite some obvious disadvantages of this trend, I believe that these are outweighed by the advantages.    

On the one hand, there are two major drawbacks when children devote much of their free time to playing electronic games or using the Internet. Firstly, exercise is necessary for the physical development of children, so playing games in the street or in the park with their friends is an integral part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Secondly, spending too much time on their computers or mobile phones may lead to health problems for some youngsters. If they keep their eyes glued to screens for hours on end, they may suffer from eye-strain. Waves from hi-fi devices also tend to cause headaches if used for too long.

On the other hand, I believe that the benefits are more significant than such disadvantages. One reason for this view is that new technologies encourage children to use their free time to broaden their knowledge, which is possible in fun ways through interactive software. My young nephew, for example, spends hours on the Internet learning about dinosaurs. Another reason is that the Internet gives youngsters countless opportunities to discover friends with the same interests in any part of the world, using chat rooms and social networks such as Facebook. Consequently, new technologies both promote the habit of self-study and encourage young people to develop a wide circle of virtual friends.    

In conclusion, I would argue that the advantages of this modern trend are more significant than the disadvantages. 270 words


outweighed: [verb] greater or more important than something.

drawbacks: [noun] a very useful word to mean ‘disadvantages’.

devote to: [phrasal verb] give an amount of time or attention to something.

an integral part of: [expression] play an essential part in something.

keep their eyes glued to screens: [expression] look at screens in a very concentrated way for a long time.

hi-fi devices: [noun] equipment which plays recorded music.

benefits: [noun] a very useful word to mean ‘advantages’.

broaden their knowledge: increase and make wider their knowledge of something.

interactive: allowing information to be passed to and from the computer and the person who is using it.

countless: very many.

circle of virtual friends: a group of friends whom you chat with online.

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